For 2 PCs & 2 Monitors

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Creative professionals and streamers using dual monitor setups need a seamless way to manage their creative and streaming platforms. Our 2 PC, 2 Monitor KVM Switch is designed to enhance your creative space by enabling smooth transitions and increased productivity.

KVM solution

Creative Flow

Immerse yourself in the world of seamless management of two PCs on two monitors. Our KVM switch, enriched with advanced features such as hotkey switching and independent audio support, proves to be an indispensable tool for all your creative projects and streaming experiences.

More than a KVM switch

Creative Center

More than just a switch, this device is a creative hub that unites all your devices. It's the central piece of your tech puzzle, ensuring every gadget has its place and every connection is a step toward a streamlined creative process.

Designed for you

Designed for creators and streamers

For designers, streamers and content creators who consider dual monitors essential, our KVM switch is the brush with which you will paint your digital masterpieces. It's your ticket to a world where every pixel is a note in your visual symphony.

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