For 8/16 PCs & 1 Monitor

collection: For 8/16 PCs & 1 monitor

Server room operators and system managers handling large-scale IT management need a tool that simplifies complexity. Our KVM switch for 8-16 PCs & 1 monitor is the key to efficiently managing a fleet of systems.

KVM solution

Large-scale IT command

Our KVM switches are the centralized conductor of your IT orchestra, where managing 8-16 PCs becomes a performance. It is the maestro's baton for directing the flow of work across multiple systems.

More than a KVM switch

Connection Keystone

This KVM switch is the keystone of connectivity, a docking station that is at the center of your large-scale operations. This is where all devices converge, ready to execute your commands.

Designed for you

Designed for system managers

For server room operators and system managers, this KVM switch is your strategic command center. It is designed for those who monitor large-scale IT environments and require centralized control.

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